You Are My Sweetest Dream

by Enzo Aprile

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This project was started two years ago and was deemed cancelled halfway through as I found other, more interesting projects to work on at the time, like the Friendly album. Recently, I've decided to dig it up and finish it, in search of something to dedicate myself to.

When I began working on the project, my goal was to compose a short suite of quiet, minimalistic songs for the listener to feel good about. You would be able to listen to it late at night while you do stuff like drawing or writing or whatever.

When I picked it up a few months ago, I didn't really want to continue on with that idea, but I'm interested in doing something similar to this in the future.

Anyway, this ended up being much more than just a background thing. It's a brand new composition by yours truly, although some excerpts from Part 1 did appear as bonus content for the Magic album when it was uploaded on Mediafire.

You may be asking, "What's with the Sweet Dreams thing? Do you like the song that much?"

To that I'd reply, "It's not the fact that I like it - I don't even really care for it - it's more that the main riff in that song is really iconic, and Sweetest Dream is more of an exercise in how many ways I can take that catchy main riff and turn it into something you might not even recognize the first time listening. Something that goes in the background, as a mere complement to the newer, catchier riffs that permeate this composition.

It compares itself to an old friend whom you haven't seen in years, but when you go meet at some party or high school reunion or whatever, he/she prefers the company of theirselves rather than talking to once-familiar faces. Are they thinking of something in particular? Are they feeling okay? Why don't they talk to you? Is something wrong? You might never know, which is why you went to ask them about it and they responded with 'nah, it's nothing. just worried about stuff.'

And then you realize they've got their own stuff to deal with, just like you. You're not inseparable friends anymore. You don't hang out at the same places, and you don't even like the same things anymore. The only thing that still holds you two together is the fact that you used to talk to each other, and you don't want to forget those memories. And then you say goodbye to them and go home thinking about how swell it all used to be. And then you think about other things... the girls you used to love, etc."


... well, in reality I'd probably reply with "eh, I felt like it" or something. But that doesn't make you think about much, now does it?


released July 10, 2015

Inspired by the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)."

All music composed by Enzo Aprile.

Motivational speech by Sean Lenox.

Female vocals sampled from Holly Henry.




Enzo Aprile Brasilia, Brazil

INSERT TITLE HERE is a lazy title, I know. Sorry.
The music is definitely unique though - for better or worse. Mostly composed and arranged in FL Studio, with the aid of videogame soundfonts and free VST plugins, mastered on Audacity. This music has an emotional aspect to it that I don't know if I can convey very well to listeners. That sucks but ah well. ... more

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Track Name: Sweetest Dream pt 3
We all have our dreams.
We all have our goals, our needs, our wants.
And what you need is what defines you.
It defines you at your most basic, your most primal.
The very essence of existence is the dream.

And what are we but existence?
We are beings because we be.
That state of being is yours to decide.
How you treat your dreams is how you see yourself.

(Be your own self is my sweetest dream)

Do you strive for them? Thirst for them?
Look up and on and say "I have to, for me."?
Or do you let others define what defines you?
Keep it a secret. Hush, hush.
My dream isn't as good, I guess. My dream isn't as important.

(Perseverance is my sweetest dream)

I guess I don't need it that badly.

Would you abuse yourself in such ways,
twisting and tearing, pulling it all down
into that dark recess where abusers stride and dreams go to die?

Forgive me if this sounds sensational,
but I think that such self-destroyers belong on a ship
traveling the oceans at the seams!

(Love each other is my sweetest dream)
(Recognition is my sweetest dream)

We're crying!
Crying for you to hold your heads up,
because when the dream dies, you die!
The funeral, the embalming, the stone,
you might as well be lying in a furnace somewhere,
full of that dark recess' fluid of choice.
Keep it on the up!

... move along.