Teu silêncio ensurdece

by Enzo Aprile

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it took a week to finish this


released March 8, 2017

everything by me
samples from Shenmue, & some girl




Enzo Aprile Brasilia, Brazil

INSERT TITLE HERE is a lazy title, I know. Sorry.
The music is definitely unique though - for better or worse. Mostly composed and arranged in FL Studio, with the aid of videogame soundfonts and free VST plugins, mastered on Audacity. This music has an emotional aspect to it that I don't know if I can convey very well to listeners. That sucks but ah well. ... more

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Track Name: falling out of love with everything
finally home
but i don't have time for you now
i need a shower and some sleep

i won't be here for long
you might not see me for a long time
a long
long time

"you went away too soon cause i still miss you
i wish you would come back because i'm exhausted
i've fallen out of love with everything i'd never get tired of"
Track Name: me and my buddy
i am so jealous of everyone who expresses their love so freely
they're not aware that it makes them look like children

i wanna tell you that i appreciate your company so much
and i would hate to lose you to anything

god i miss you so much

if you think this song is about you
it probably is
but try to pretend it isn't
Track Name: shut in(terlude)
go outside, take a walk
find some new friends
the old ones are busy
Track Name: haha you're so cute
- don't let him know you're like this now
- you know how he reacts when anything changes

"is this for me? aw. that's adorable."
Track Name: i did it again
the smallest detail could make or break anything for you.
but at the same time
you'll enjoy anything.
you'll love anything that gives you some sort of sentiment,
no matter how weird it is.

give it time.

give it time.