Not Available (incomplete)

by Enzo Aprile & The A-Collective

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Two years ago, me and The Abortion Collective decided it would be fun to recreate their favorite Residents album, "Not Available."

And so we went to work - I did the music tracks. Me and The AC did vocals. Lamar wanted to do the sax parts but he never got around to it. A friend of theirs was going to do Edweena's vocals but she never got around to it.

After waiting around for too long, it was sort of naturally decided that the project was cancelled. It wouldn't have gotten much attention anyway. Although that could be just my pessimism talking. It was fun doing it though.

This past week, I've been recollecting all the instrumental tracks and The AC's vocals, and adding new music and overdubs. A lot of vocal parts are missing - either I didn't like them or they just weren't recorded. Ah well. We have other things to do.


released July 6, 2016

All music originally composed and arranged by The Residents.

Uncle Remus - Yellow Moon
The Porcupine / The Catbird - Moony
Enigmatic Foe - Lamar

Artwork by Enzo Aprile.




Enzo Aprile Brasilia, Brazil

INSERT TITLE HERE is a lazy title, I know. Sorry.
The music is definitely unique though - for better or worse. Mostly composed and arranged in FL Studio, with the aid of videogame soundfonts and free VST plugins, mastered on Audacity. This music has an emotional aspect to it that I don't know if I can convey very well to listeners. That sucks but ah well. ... more

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